The Return

I have decided to start this blog up again. It seems pointless: this thing is about 2 years old, and 4 pages long. But I am hoping to take the dreariness of Ohio and channel it into this, rather than video games, and 100s of hours of online backgammon. Playing backgammon on the street in Jerusalem is an acceptable way to waste your time. In bed, in Ohio, less so. I’ve started losing to people with names like Chuck and Crystal, and it lacks the Orientalist appeal of losing to my dear ones in the unholy land while guzzling Turkish coffee.

Really, I should be working on my ‘professional’ writing. The writing that will allow me to keep my job. But even when I like my academic work, it is stylistically a little boring. As usual, I lack the discipline: I want to smash the piano and wrap myself in the wires, rather than learn my scales. So, here is me wrapping myself with the wire.

Shaftesbury has been re-re-elected as the guide. When I am not sure what to write about, or when what I am thinking about would get me fired, I will write about him. Deadblogging the 18th century. I will probably delay endlessly, and begin each entry with an explanation for this delay. I have 100s of pages of diary entries that look exactly like that. Apologizing to a non existent reader in bad handwriting. But the pages get filled.

I am not even sure if this is published. When I search for it on google, I cannot find it. But, it is there. A kind of quiet public-space. I am hoping that if I can write like this it will relax my writing. Not me–there is no hope of relaxing me. The only thing that works is exercise, and I am not about to start that. But my writing is terse and pretentious. I am hoping to make it less terse, without descending into all caps and excessive periods. The excessive commas and run on sentences stay.


I hope to have a comma named after me one day.





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